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So, I was going to update my visualosities, but then I just found myself thinking... Words, man. I define myself by words so much. So, if I stick to it, I'll be throwing together a collection of quotes, mostly from animated movies, shocking I know, that define... Not really where I am, but where I'm headed. Or, rather, a bit of both.

Just something that might be coming up. Yeah.
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No Gleeks on my flist? No problem! I'm just here to document thoughts right now.

Heed the spoiler warning! )
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...But I felt the need to draw attention to what is quite possibly my favorite Phineas and Ferb musical number.

It's mostly brilliant if you've seen the earlier episode it's referencing, but oh well. I'm sharing anyway.
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So. My first proper post in this journal is going to be about Slurm. Anyone who watches Futurama out there probably remembers the weird soft drink.

Fry is a big fan, and when he wins a tour of the Slurm Factory, (in an amusing Willy Wonka parody), he finds out it is made with the secretion of a big... Slug... Thing. Um, it's been a while, but the point is, it's really gross. And one day, [personal profile] betterdeadthanred and I discovered the real-life version of the product lives up to that nastiness.

So, backstory time! When I first-- Actually, THIRD, met Gwen, it was at high school lunch. She'd talk about Futurama a lot, and I had no idea what the show was, but I really like hearing the funny stories from it, and just learning from Gwen. Eventually, I ended up watching the show, and I really loved it, too! So when, one Christmas season, I was in Hot Topic looking around, I saw actual cans of Slurm... I was so excited! What a great present! How unique and quirky and fun!

And icky. As the time to drink the soda arrived, Gwen and I were both getting a bit apprehensive based on the drink's bright green color. We poured a bit into two glasses... I don't think we even finished that, though! I can't even remember what it tasted like, honestly. It was just... Unpleasant. I think Gwen ended up pouring it out and saving the cans as collectibles, at least.

...This year, I got her a Disney Trivial Pursuit game. Much safer bet.

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I have no idea what's going to go in this journal/account, but it probably won't be very enjoyable or interesting for those who aren't really friendly with me.

Here are some likely subjects:
  • Fandom stuff and fanfic ideas.
  • Musings on depression and updates about it.
  • Excitement over animation and Glee.
  • (Animated) film reviews.
  • Simple character analysis.
  • Links to recipes I want to try.
I'm really not sure, at this point, what else... Maybe the occasional expanded Plurk meme, but I doubt it, because most of those are roleplay-based. Anyway, if the rest is interesting to you, keep an eye on this journal.


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